IT Developers Qualification service

Getting start with tested and qualified developers

Brainfinder's Founder

Brainfinder's founder Norbert is born in Germany in 1963 and looks back on many years of experience in very different areas.

He is initially educated as a material tester and he worked in a lot of different industries. He has experience in several blue collar jobs, as taxidriver and truckdriver.

In his mid 20th he moved to the upcoming IT industry.

At the beginning he developed with C, Pasqual, Assembler and Fortran and around the millenium he switched to object oriented web technologies and there more and more as team leader, project CTO and CTO.

Since 2012 Brainfinder offers services as interim CTO and interim HR manager.

What we are

Brainfinder is solution partner for recruiters and employers who need staff. We are specialized in but not limited to software developers and other IT guys.

Brainfinder helps as interim CTO, interim project manager and consultant. We manage your outsourcing projects.

Brainfinder is also a strong partner if you need to pure your forex trading strategies into software.

Looking into future

Brainfinder intends to invest into solar farm projects and other green technologies.

Web Developement

We offer Webdevelopement for small, middle and big scalable ecommerce/eservice platforms.

We develop based on common technologies:

Zend, PhalconPHP, Symfony and other Frameworks
Searchengines like Solr/Sphinx

Forex Software

MQL4 developement
Custom EA's (Expert Advisors)
Custom indicators (tell us what you want)
Customized solutions like trade copiers or licensing solutions

Recruiting consulting

Our founder has the rich experience of about 3500 tested and interviewed developers!

Based on this background we help companies as interim HR-Manager

We do your technical interviews and tests with candidates. You will get help to easily decide on applicants.

We help if your companies image as employer is not the best.

We act if wanted like an internal HR-Manager